CSSD (Central Sterile Supplies Department)

Today’s Medical Technology and care of patient is being associated with infectious diseases, which pose a serious threat to people’s health. Adequate sterile supply plays an essential role in the attempt to reduce the spreading of diseases with in the health care service. Micro-organisms cause many of these diseases. Many instrument and material used for medical interventions are very expensive and are designed such that they can be re-used. A high-quality reprocessing cycle is necessary in which the used materials are treated such, that they can be used safely.
The Central Sterile Supplies Department (CSSD) in the Hospital receives processes, sterilizes, stores, distributes and controls surgical supplies to all the Departments, Wards, Operating Theatres and Intensive Care Units. The CSSD is responsible for increasing the efficiency, economy and uniformity of supplies.

Our hospital have a 2500 sq.ftd CSSD with all contemporary facilities, which is well tuned with the latest equipments like STERRAD Plasma Sterilizer, HPHV steam sterilizer, ETO sterilizer, Washer Disinfector, Ultrasonic Washer etc. Plasma Sterilization is the well known method of low temperature sterilization which is relevant, less time consuming and advanced method of sterilization used across the world.