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The School of Nursing, little Flower Hospital, Angamaly was started in 1961 by Msgr George P. Kavalakkattu as the Silver Jubilee Memorial. Realizing the importance of good nursing, he started the training school for Auxillary Nurses and Midwives. Sixty ANM students passed from this school in four batches. In 1966, Msgr. Joseph Panikulam started General Nursing and Midwifery with an intake of 15 students and increased the number to 50 in 1995.

Our philosophy is :- We, the management and faculty of Little Flower School of Nursing, believe that the graduates in nursing should be equipped with the knowledge, skill and attitude to render comprehensive nursing care to their clients with various disorders in hospital, home and community. We promote the over all development of the students and prepare them for adjusting to the changing needs of the society. We mould the students to exhibit positive attitude and character upholding the dignity of the individual and the profession. We believe that the graduate in nursing should possess sound judgment and. be intellectually and morally enlightened and professionally equipped so that they are capable of caring for the sick with a compassionate heart and functioning efficiently in the health care and welfare activities and projects of the society and nation.

School of Nursing has successfully completed 50 years of service, and this year we are celebrating the Golden Jubilee. In this pleasurable moment, the memory of those who worked hard for the advancement of this institution should blossom up. The principals of School of Nursing starting from Mrs Mary James in 1962, Mother Florence in 1963, Sr Aloysious in 1964, Sr. Giles in 1965, Sr. Sylvia in 1977, Sr. Fabiola in 1979, Sr. James in 1984 and Sr. Giles from 1997 onwards and still continuing and along with the fond memories, the hallowed presence and blessings of our patron Saint Little flower is also prayerfully remembered. The training of students in this institution has tried its best to portray the nature and dimensions of the care, so that better nursing is given to patients in this hospital. The school of nursing is also actively involved the academic activities, both inside and outside the campus. They involve in cultural activities through SNA, camps and other programmes.

The training of students is planned in such a way that the nurse will develop pride in high profession and can practice nursing in todays world of advancement in science and technology thereby to develop this attitude in the ftiture undertaking. The school has earned a very good name both inside and outside the state as a result of intelligent planning, dedicated team work and the whole hearted co-operation of the students.