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Emergency Department

The emergency department of  Little Flower Hospital and Research Centre attends all emergency and trauma cases . Our 30 bedded emergency  & Trauma care is well prepared to handle all kind of  emergencies  and disasters. On an average , we handle 5000 patients every month.We are  the pioneers among snake bite management in the state and are equipped to handle all kinds of toxicity and its complications.

All patients who come to our department are given primary treatment and if required, are referred to specialists .Apart from patient care,we also give importance to the medico-legal aspects of the cases that are attended to.

The department  is handled by well experienced emergency physicians and medical officers, compatible to handle all types of emergencies and procedures including  endotracheal intubation , ICD, Cardiac resuscitation , thrombolysis, central venous vascular access. We also have full fledged mobile ICU with trained doctors and staff, providing vital pre-hospital care and transport of critically Ill or injured patients with threat to life.

Our routine area of care include,

  • Management of acute medical , surgical , cardiac, paediatric, neonatal
  • Care to all trauma victims including, polytrauma, RTA, Assault
  • Disaster Management
  • Snake bite.

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