Out patient department functioning everyday from 9am   5.3 0 pm
Out patient diagnostic facilities including diagnostic nasal endoscopy / videolaryngoscopy
Operation theatre 3 days/ week
Endoscopic surgeries for sinus diseases/ polyps/ CSF rhinorrhoea/ pituitary turnours/Chronic dacryocystitis/endoscopic
adenoide ctomy/ tonsillectomy
Hearing restoration surgeries   Myringoplasty/ Tympanoplasty Ossiculoplasty/ Mastoidectomy., Hearing aid counselling
Phonosurgeries for vocal nodules/ vocal cysts/ polyps/ suclus vocalis/ injection laryngoplasty/ Kashimas surgery
Sleep Lab for snoring/ Surgeries for snoring including uvulopalatopharyngoplasty
Audiology department functioning everyday from 9 am   5 pm
Audiological evaluation including new born hearing assessment with facilities of Pure tone audiometer/ tympanometer/ BERA/ OAE
Speech therapy for autism, hearing loss and misarticulation
Voice therapy for various voice disorders

Doctors - ENT

Dr. Prasobh Stalin

Dr. Anish Anto Parokaran

Dr. Thomas Xavier