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General Surgery
Experienced surgeons provide state of the art skills to manage the most complicated cases spanning over many specialities like surgical oncology, surgical gastroenterology, surgical endocrionology, thoracic surgery, minimal invasive surgery and general surgery.
Well  equipped surgical intensive care ooffers the best in critical care to surgical patients and comprehensive trauma care.
Contemporary ideas like minimalistic and short stay surgeries are practised.
High quality post graduate clincial teaching with mentored programmes supported by well stocked libary and an exhaustive digital libary for reference
Undertakes clinical research
Keeps abreast of the current state of surgery as practised in the best centres by the staff attending relevant conferences, CMEs and workshops
Well equipped modern operating and endoscopic suites supported by team of dedicated anaesthesiologists to handle the most demanding ofprocedures.
Supports palliative care facilities and cancer chemotherapy
Supports hematologic services by operating on haernophiliacs with surgical problems.

Doctors - General Surgery

Dr.Rajesh T.N.Vishwarajan

Dr. Harikrishnan V

Dr.Judy Joseph Meleppuram

Dr. Amudhan S