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The department of Neurosurgery provides advanced care for patients suffering from surgical diseases of the nervous system for the last 3 decades. The department offers surgical services through well-equipped operating rooms which contain state of the art equipment required for performing microsurgical procedures. With an independent Neurosurgical ICU, the department provides cutting edge care for all cranial and spinal diseases round the clock.

In addition to trauma and routine neurosurgical procedures the department also treats vascular diseases (Aneurysms, AVMs), complicated skull base and other lumbar and complicated spinal diseases, trauma to the skull, brain, vertebral column and spinal cord, as well as a variety of peripheral nerve pathologies.

A special mention needs to be made of minimally invasive microscope and endoscopic procedures for both cranial and spinal diseases and awake surgeries for brain tumors. These procedures are being performed regularly in the department with excellent results.

Backed by the finest medical equipment and seen by a dedicated team of renowned Neurosurgeons and nurses in the department provides neurosurgical care comparable with the best in the State.

Key Features

  • Has its own neurosurgical ICU since its inception with Neurosurgical intensive Care Unit, Step down ICU and wards.
  • All complex cranial and spinal diseases are treated in the department routinely.
  • Has been providing round the clock care for patients suffering from cranial and spinal trauma for the last 3 decades.
  • Newer techniques such as endoscopic cranial and spinal procedures and minimally invasive surgeries are routinely performed in the department.
  • Specialized Nursing Care, 24 hours, 365 days cover with two Neurosurgeons with OP on all days.
  • Fully equipped Neurosurgery operation theatre with Microscope, Neurodrill, facilities for keyhole surgery, Motorized Neuro table and skull stabilization devices.

Expertise in

  • Brain Tumor Surgery, Surgeries for brain hemorrhages.
  • Pituitary Tumor Surgery, Awake surgeries.
  • All kinds of spine surgeries, spine fracture, spine stabilization surgery, spine tumor surgery.
  • Surgery for back pain, neck pain and Disc surgeries.
  • Daycare surgery for carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Aneurysm clipping surgery, AVM surgery.

Doctors - Neuro Surgery

Dr.Arjun Chacko

Dr. Ajax John